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Let's talk trash.

We know it stinks, it's messy, it attracts pests, and getting rid of it is expensive. That's because as much as half of your home's garbage is food waste. 

Congratulations - you are one step closer to solving this problem!

Join King County's food waste diversion pilot program to save money and help your community divert food waste from the landfill. 


Conditions: By purchasing the subsidized FoodCycler ™ you are committing to tracking your usage for 12 weeks and completing a brief exit survey about your experience with the program. 

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Which FoodCycler is right for me?

The FoodCycler Product Family offers closed-loop solutions to food waste, with zero emissions or odours. This sustainable process reduces your organic waste to a tenth of its original volume. Small and compact, FoodCycler products can fit anywhere! FoodCycler products operate quietly and efficiently, using little energy.

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Hear what FoodCycler

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With support from the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks Solid Waste Division, Food Cycle Science is launching a pilot program to divert household waste using the FoodCycler. Thanks to the Re+ Circular Economy Grant issued by King County, the pilot project will allow the first 1,000 residents who register to obtain a FoodCycler at a subsidized price. 

Following the lead of more than 40 Canadian communities, King County will be the first American community to pilot this decentralized approach to food waste. The final product produced by the FoodCycler is nutrient-rich and can be integrated back into the soil for a multitude of benefits which include stimulating microbial reactivation. This helps promote a circular food system in addition to removing any need for synthetic fertilizers. The pilot project is part of a larger plan to eliminate food waste in Issaquah and King County. 

Thanks for visiting us at the 53rd Annual Salmon Days in Issaquah! You can still reserve your spot for the program by clicking below.


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Still not convinced? Share your contact information and we'll been in touch to answer any questions. 
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The program was very successful. In a three-month period, 151 households diverted 15 tonnes of food waste from the landfill.

Sandra Lester, Hay River Project Lead (Hay River, NT)


FoodCycler is helping thousands of people reduce their food waste safely, conveniently, and sustainably.

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How an Ottawa company diverts food waste from landfills
CBC News · December 29, 2021

"An Ottawa-based company is trying to change the way households across the country dispose of food waste with innovative technology that speeds up the organic recycling process to a matter of hours..."

FoodCycler is a semi-finalist of Impact Canada's Food Waste Reduction Challenge

As a semi-finalist for Impact Canada’s Food Waste Reduction Challenge, FoodCycler has been working with rural, remote, and Indigenous communities across Canada to eliminate food waste at the source.

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Food Cycle Science is proud to be one of Canada's Top Growing Companies of 2021 creating new clean technology jobs in Ottawa, Ontario.

Contact the Food Cycle Science team directly at

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